2019 Prevost Conversion

12.5K Quiet Diesel Generator


45' long, 8.5' wide, 12' tall

Meet The Breeze, a first-of-its-kind mobile experience that redefines travel and event hosting. Converted from a 45′ Prevost Coach Bus, The Breeze offers a unique blend of comfort and adventure, perfect for any occasion.

Step into the front half of The Breeze and enjoy a climate-controlled space, ensuring your comfort in any weather. Separated by sleek accordion glass doors, the rear half opens up to an exhilarating open-top experience, allowing you to soak in the surroundings like never before.

Whether you’re hosting a mobile event, embarking on a scenic tour, or creating a memorable brand activation, The Breeze provides the ultimate platform. Experience the perfect fusion of indoor luxury and outdoor freedom with The Breeze. Your journey to unforgettable moments starts here.

Our in-house production team can bring your vision to life.

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