Client Spotlight: Sunstar Vending

In an unassuming building on 19th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, lies a wonderland of arcade machines, stacked neatly in a row, their buttons and joysticks ready to be jostled, pressed, and played. Sunstar Vending isn’t an arcade, but they supply entertainment machines to arcades, bars, trampoline parks, movie theatres, and many more recreational spaces.

Sunstar has been in business 35 years, and for the past 5 years we have proudly printed decals for the ever growing fleet of photo booths, they ship all over North America.

So next time you beat your highscore on Ms. Pac-man, pick your favorite song on a touch screen jukebox or step into a photo booth, think of Sunstar Vending, and think of Carisma.

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