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Our Services at Carisma

Redefining Large Format Printing with Innovation


Let Carisma help you take your brand to the streets. Boasting the latest printing technology and some of the best installers in the nation, we have wrapped everything from toy cars to passenger ferries.


Since 1999 we have been the preferred printer and installer for Vector Media, the leading name in double decker bus advertising throughout the country. We have printed and installed thousands of buses from coast to coast. Whether you are advertising, need branding or have an entire fleet to wrap, we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

Large Format Printing

Carisma is one of the leaders in the large format print industry.  With some of the best technology in the business, we pride ourselves in high-quality, professional prints. Speed and precision are trademarks of our expert print and production team.

The Stage

Carisma is proud to introduce The Stage, New York City’s first fleet of full-size digital double decker buses.


Featuring a stunning 27-foot wide by 6.5-foot tall LED screed built into the driver side of each state-of-the-art double decker bus, this is the ultimate advertising platform. Streaming both video and still images, or any combination of the two, your creativity is the limit. The 6mm LEDs project clear, vivid images with nearly 2x the clarity of most other digital displays in NYC.

3D Printing

Carisma is proud to be on the forefront of innovation, especially when it came to the purchase of the MassivIt 1800 3D Printer.  Carisma was the first company in the western hemisphere to have this technology in hand!  With the ability to print in a 4’x5’x6′ file in a single print, the Massivit has become a favorite tool for creation here at Carisma.  We premiered the technology in America with SONY Pictures’ release of The Angry Birds Movie in March of 2016.


Illuminated vehicle wraps are stunning and electric. This creative style stands out day and night. Backlighting and self-illumination techniques allow for any creative to make use of this dazzling technology.


With the addition of extensions, your eyes are drawn to the unexpected and the canvas can take on any shape.


There is no better combination than the creativity of our design team and the precision of our tools. Our graphic design department has been creating captivating designs for our clients for over 10 years. Specially trained in creating large format designs, our talented staff of designers can help transform your vision into a brand.


If you are providing your own graphics, our team can check the files and identify any potential problems (such as image resolution, color issues, etc.) before it is too late.  Click Here to View the Design, Print & Install Process!