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About This Project

Keeping in fashion with the famous holiday windows along Fifth Avenue in New York City, Jonathan Scott of HGTV’s “Property Brothers” unwrapped the first ever mobile holiday window featuring the Jaguar E-PACE SUV in a quintessential holiday scene. With the design input of Scott, Carisma helped design the interior and exterior of the bus drawing inspiration from classic seasonal traditions to create the first ever holiday window on wheels. The display will traveled throughout New York City’s most festive shopping areas for all to enjoy through Jan. 2.


The biggest challenge was physically placing the vehicle inside of the bus.  Once again in Carisma fashion, the team triumphed.  What a way to end 2018!


The interior of the holiday window features a red Jaguar E-PACE surrounded by a snowy wintery scene complete with Christmas trees with ornaments, fairy lights, holiday garlands, wreaths and gifts. The exterior features a custom tartan wrap reminiscent of the ribbons around the presents from Scott’s childhood. The window is wrapped in a white bow with a gift tag that reads: “From: Jonathan Scott, To: Jaguar.”


“Seeing all of the beautiful holiday windows is almost like a snapshot of my childhood,” said Scott. “If someone was just outside of our window and looking in during the holidays, that warmth they would see within our home is what I wanted to capture.”