Starz Black Sails 2016 - Carisma
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Starz Black Sails 2016

About This Project

Through our partners at Vector Media, Carisma has been involved with the creation of embellished buses from the premiere season all the way through to the finale. This year, Starz was excited to include our newest 3D capabilities on the side of the buses. The results were amazing, and the impact will be felt for a long time.


Starz was the great to work with, they were eager for a successful execution and took all our advice to heart while designing for this execution. Once they agreed on their final creative, our 3D team stepped in modeling the skull with great detail. The prints went flawlessly and provided all the elements of the 3D build. At this stage, it looked like a huge puzzle of pieces. Once installed on the bus, these pieces came together to create the skull.

3D, Embellishments