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Carisma is a large format printer specializing in the design, production and installation of vehicle graphics. We don't just service the New York market, Carisma prints and ships to all major markets throughout the country. Carisma has grown to become a trusted leader in the large format printing industry since it was founded in 1999.
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Bringing Your Vehicle Wrap to the Next Level


The use of illumination is a fantastic way to draw attention to your design.  A variety of lighting options can be added to your custom art; from subtle backlighting to marquee-style displays, you can achieve nearly any effect.


Feel free to send us your spec art for suggestions on where illumination might best enhance your design.


Lenticular Printing is a method by which normally flat, static images can convey depth or motion. The “magic” of the image is an optical illusion; images are specially prepared and printed on a sheet of tiny lenses which break up the image to create the illusion. Depending on where you are standing in relation to the lens, your eye perceives a different depth or image.


There are two options for lenticular printing: 3D (which creates depth) or flip (which creates motion or image changes). Two or more images can be used to create a sensational overall effect.


Clients have used lenticular on buses, ceilings and more with outstanding results.


Extensions offer an exciting way to take your design to a new level. We begin by adding surface area to your existing vehicle or structure (height and/or length can be added). Custom cut shapes are commonly used for extensions with impressive results. After the extensions are added, printed vinyl is applied to the whole structure to create a seamless, spectacular look.

Dimensional Graphics

Dimensional embellishments are physical extensions added to a standard print that create a 3D effect. Similar in concept to standard extensions (which create length or height) dimensional graphics add depth, extending outward from your vehicle or structure.


Most standard designs allow for an embellishment of this sort. Choosing one main element, such as a logo, image, or tagline can have a stunning effect. We have used this aesthetic on buses and taxi tops with great success.


We can help you carefully choose the element to embellish and find the proper substrate for the application.


Feel free to send us your spec art for suggestions on where dimensional graphics might best enhance your design.


Adding illumination can create the ultimate pop to your design.


Click Here to View the Making of the Hollywood Bus!

Printed Glass

Add a touch of sleek creativity to your space with the use of printed glass.


From glass or plexi panels featuring your logo, patterns or other images to printed tempered glass floor tiles, the possibilities are endless. Eye catching and versatile, printed glass is a unique way to add a professional, elegant touch to your design.


We print directly on the glass or plexi using vivid inks. We also have the ability to print with white ink, which can make your designs even more striking. Add backlighting or colored backlighting to take your design to yet another level.


Possible uses include:
Backsplash added to an office reception area or retail space
Accent wall
Product displays


Click Here to View the Glass Printing Process!