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“Carisma continues to grow business in part by growing our tool box.”

Carisma has been eagerly awaiting our opportunity to expand into 3D printing for the past 5 years.  We have looked into all the technology as it was released, but never quite found a fit for our business.  In the summer of 2015, we were introduced to Massivit, a small Israeli start-up with a huge concept.  Massivit was almost ready to premiere a machine to the industry that had the ability to print 4′ x 5′ x 6′ tall.  Carisma became Massivit’s first customer outside of  Israel.  We finally were able to see how 3D was going to work in our business model.   For more information about Carisma’s expansion into 3D print, check out Moshe Gil’s interview!


Without the need for internal supports, the Massivit is able to print at a speed unheard of in the 3D world.  In this video, we show a 5.5 foot tall Easter Island head printed in under 6 hours!


Experts in the field of 2D design, Carisma was excited to expand into an additional dimension.  With the addition of a full time 3D designer to our team we are now able to offer expanded 3D services including file correction, file creation, and 3D rendering.  In addition, Carisma now is working with virtual reality (VR) gaming software to create an all encompassing experience for the customer.  By transporting the client into a virtual world where their concept exists, we are offering the ability to truly understand the added dimension and overall scale and impact of the completed project.


Carisma’s first project involving 3D print was for SONY’s The Angry Birds Movie. You can view our case study here.   Following the success of this campaign, we have been involved in some other equally exciting projects!

Angry Birds

Other 3D Works by Carisma